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Created on 2009-04-11 07:55:25 (#34017), last updated 2009-07-25 (425 weeks ago)

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Welcome to the community dedicated to the pairing of Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation and the waterbender, Katara of the Southern Water Tribe.


1. Be respectful to your fellow members. Flaming, threats, and insults will result in your permanent banning from the community.

2. When posting fanfiction or fanart rated NC-17, please be courteous to flock your entry. This will keep children under the age of 17 from viewing the material and reporting it.

3. Keep in mind that not everyone may have seen the entire three seasons of the series, please be respectful and keep all spoilers under a lj-cut. This includes the upcoming movie itself.

4. OT is welcomed but please try to keep it Avatar related.

Please take note these rules can be considered temporary and more will be added later on as the community grows. Please make sure that you keep aware of any changes made.


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